We're hiring - Join Doyensec!

At Doyensec, we believe that quality is the natural product of passion and care. We love what we do and we routinely take on difficult engineering challenges to help our customers build with security.

We are a small highly focused team. We concentrate on application security and do fewer things better. We don’t care about your education, background and certifications. If you are really good and passionate at building and breaking complex software, you’re the right candidate.

Open Positions

:: Full-stack Security Automation Engineer (Six Months Collaboration, Remote Work) ::

We are looking for a full-stack senior software engineer that can help us build security automation tools. If you’ve ever built a fuzzer, played with static analysis and enhanced a web scanner engine, you probably have the right skillset for the job.

We offer a well-paid six-months collaboration, combined with an additional bonus upon successful completion of the project.


  • Full-stack development (front-end, back-end components) of web security testing tools
  • Solve technical challenges at the edge of web security R&D, together with Doyensec’s founders


  • Experience developing multi-tiered software applications or products. We generally use Node.js and Java, and require proficiency in those languages
  • Ability to work with standard dev tools and techniques (IDE, git, …)
  • You’re passionate about building great software and can have fun while doing it
  • Interested in web security, with good understanding of common software vulnerabilities
  • You’re self-driven and can focus on a project to make it happen
  • Eager to learn, adapt and perfect your work

Contact us at info@doyensec.com

:: Application Security Engineer (Full-time, Remote Work - Europe) ::

We are looking for an experienced security engineer to join our consulting team. We perform graybox security testing on complex web and mobile applications. We need someone who can hit the ground running. If you’re good at “crawling around in the ventilation ducts of the world’s most popular and important applications”, you probably have the right skillset for the job.

We offer a competitive salary in a supportive and dynamic environment that rewards hard work and talent. We are dedicated to providing research-driven application security and therefore invest 25% of your time exclusively to research where we build security testing tools, discover new attack techniques, and develop countermeasures.


  • Security testing of web, mobile (iOS, Android) applications
  • Vulnerability research activities, coordinated and executed with Doyensec’s founders
  • Partner with customers to ensure project’s objectives are achieved 


  • Ability to discover, document and fix security bugs
  • You’re passionate about understanding complex systems and can have fun while doing it
  • Top-notch in web security. Show us public research, code, advisories, etc.
  • Eager to learn, adapt, and perfect your work

Contact us at info@doyensec.com